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There is a very unique moment in one of our Porto Free Tours, when we leave the narrow streets of the historic center of Barredo behind us and the Douro River opens up in front of us. Where there was silence, there is now hustle and bustle. Where there were granite houses, there are now river waves. Where there was the ancestral Porto there is now the magnificent Porto. We are now in the much sought after Ribeira, with its multicolored houses, its Rabelo boats, its lively terraces and the first metal bridge built in Portugal, the Dom Luís bridge. 

The history of Porto is millenary and is closely linked to great moments in Portugal's history. This connection is so evident that the very name of the city in the Roman period, Portus Cale (the port of the village of Cale), gave rise to the name of Portugal.
Portus in the original Latin meant entrance, passage or even shelter. Portus was all this throughout its history and it is all this today for the thousands of visitors who arrive daily...




Best Places to Visit in Porto

The vast majority of things to do in Porto are made known in our Free Tours. In the city center, we also recommend visits to the Soares dos Reis Museum and the Serralves Foundation. Near the historical center of Oporto we suggest you visit the fishing village of Afurada and the Chapel of Santa Catarina and Senhora dos Anjos, the view of the Douro River is fantastic.

  • Torre dos Clérigos

  • Sé Cathedral 

  • Palácio da Bolsa 

  • Dom Luís Bridge 

  • Ribeira 

  • Church of Carmo and Carmelitas

  • Casa da Música

  • Café Majestic

  • São Bento Train Station

  • Bookshop Lello

  • Praça da Liberdade

  • Church of Santa Clara

  • Fundação Serralves

  • Jardim do Morro

  • Soares dos Reis Museum

  • São Francisco Church

Where to sleep in Porto

There are hundreds of accommodation options in Porto, not only hotels but also hostels and apartments. The following recommendations are made based on personal impressions of city dwellers and opinions of tourists who have taken our Free Tour in Porto. Our main interest is that you stay well accommodated in a hotel in Porto so that you can make the most of our guided tours.

  • The Passenger Hostel | €€ | São Bento Station, Praça Almeida Garrett

  • Music Garden Porto Hostel | €€ | Rua de Pedro Hispano, 1172

  • Gallery Hostel Porto | €€ | Rua Miguel Bombarda, 222

  • Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel | €€€ | Largo São Domingos, 45

  • 1884 Torel Suites & Apartments | €€€ | Largo de São Domingos, 50

  • Le Maison Albar Monumental Palace | €€€€ | Av. Aliados, 151

  • The Yeatman Porto | €€€€ | Rua do Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia

Where to eat in Porto

Old fashioned cellars and taverns, author's kitchen, fusion, Porto is the diners' paradise. The suggestions presented here have no disguised commercial interest. We just want you to make the most of what the city has to offer beyond our Porto Free Walking Tours. As these are regional dishes, our recommendations are supported by the opinion of genuine tripeiros.

Tripas à Moda do Porto (Tripes)

  • Antunes | Wednesdays and Saturdays only | R. do Bonjardim 525 | 22 205 2406

  • Rogério do Redondo | Only on Thursdays and Saturdays| R. Joaquim António de Aguiar 19 | 22 536 2215

  • Restaurante Pombeiro | Monday to Saturday | R. do Cap. Pombeiro 218 | 22 509 74 46


  • Café Santiago | Rua Passos Manuel, 226 | 222 055 797

  • Brasão Cervejaria Aliados | Rua Ramalho Ortigão, 28 | 934 113 658

  • Yuko Tavern | Rua de Costa Cabral 2331 | 22 548 2291

Bacalhau (Cod)

  • Adega Escondida | R. de Costa e Almeida 255 | 917 886 011

  • Senhor Zé | R. do Campinho 13 | 222 051 011

  • A Cozinha do Manel | Rua do Heroísmo, 215 | 919 787 598

  • Abadia | Rua do Ateneu Comercial do Porto, 22-24 | 222 008 757

Arroz de Cabidela

  • Rei dos Galos de Amarante | Rua das Taipas 121 | 222 057 297

  • Solar Moinho de Vento | Rua Sá Noronha, 81 | 222 051 158

Filetes de Polvo Fritos (Fried Octopus)

  • Casa Aleixo | Rua da Estação 216 | 225 370 462

  • Casa Nanda | Rua da Alegria, 394 | 225 370 575

  • A Cozinha do Manel | Rua do Heroísmo, 215 | 919 787 598


  • Flor dos Congregados | Travessa dos Congregados 11 | 22 2002822

How to get to Porto by Car

The city of Porto is 314 kilometers from Lisbon and 153 kilometers from Vigo (Spain). We recommend that you organize your trip with the Google Maps route planner. There are several car parks in the city but the Oporto City Hall parks have the cheapest value, 0.80 Euros in the first hour, 1.20 Euros in the following hours. The closest to the city center and our Porto Free Tours meeting point is Trindade: You can also pay a card valid for 72 hours for 20 Euros if you plan to enjoy 3 days in Porto.

How to get to Porto by Train

From Lisbon there are trips to Porto almost every hour and the train arrives at São Bento station in the city center. Depending on the departure time, the trip with fewer stops lasts about 2h50m and costs 31.70 Euro in 2nd class; the one with more stops lasts about 3h15m and costs 25.10 Euro, also in 2nd class. But if you buy 8 days in advance, the values can drop to almost a third of the original price! Please check CP's website for the schedule here: 

When arriving at the station, you can always take the metro at the station (yellow D Line). Check the Porto subway map here:

How to get to Porto by Bus

The bus trip from Lisbon to Porto is a little slower than the train trip, 3h20m, and the schedule doesn't depart so often. The value is 20 euros, higher than the promotional price of the train, so we do not recommend this option.




things to do in Porto



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What to do in Porto



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things to do in Porto


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