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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Yes, it is possible to find cheap parking spots in Lisbon. Some are even for free (at least until 2020). Here are our recommendations, all next to subway stations.

Lisbon, as many European capitals, struggles with traffic. According to a very recent study, Lisbon has close to 200.000 parking spots and over 745.000 vehicles circling every day. So on average, there is one parking spot for every four cars.

When we talk about parking spots in Lisbon, there is one word that divides our inhabitants, the Lisboetas. That word is Emel.

Before Emel, we all complained about how hard it was to find a parking spot in Lisbon. In some of the neighbourhoods, especially the historical ones, finding a parking spot on a Friday night was as hard as winning the lottery. For local residents, as night was about the fall, a parking nightmare was about to begin.

It’s been some years now and what has changed in Lisbon? Well, first of all, most of the neighbourhoods now have paid parking spots. And the more central, the more expensive. Emel has divided the city in colours:

• Green parking zones, these will be in less central areas of the city. Green zones occupy two-thirds of Lisbon and it will cost you €3.20 for 4 consecutive hours. Yes, this is the cheaper option.

• Yellow parking zones, in more central areas of Lisbon. Lisbon has about one-third of yellow zones and it will cost you €4.80 also for 4 consecutive hours.

• Finally, the red zones. Up to two consecutive hours, it will cost you €3.20 (so twice as much as the green zone tariff).

Our Take Lisboa Local Tip: Green zones should not be central but this is not always the case. Along Avenida Almirante Reis runs Metro’s Green Line (oh lovely coincidence). So next to the stops of Intendente and Anjos you have plenty of green parking spaces. But do get there early otherwise, all will be taken. Do not park near the Arroios stop since the station is closed for renovation.

Besides the colours, you also need to pay attention to what the “P” parking signs say. If you see Portuguese words like “residentes” (residents) do not park there, it means it’s a residents’ exclusive area and you run the risk of your car being blocked (and they do take ages to unblock the car sometimes) or worse, being towed. Besides a monumental parking ticket, trust us.

Your normal "Residents Only" Sign

Now Emel also introduced a very affordable day ticket option in a few selected areas of the city. Between €2.0 and €3.0 you can park your car for as long as 24 hours. The addresses that we suggest are the ones closer to subway stations to make your life easier. Do try finding a spot here before 9am or after 7pm, more spots will be available.

Rua Jorge Castilho, closest station is Areeiro (Green Line), €2.0 per day

• Near Avenida Álvaro Pais, closest station is Entre Campos (Yellow Line), €2.0 per day

Rua Ernâni Lopes, closest station is Alto dos Moínhos (Blue Line), €3.0 per day

Until 2020, there is also a neighbourhood in Lisbon close to the centre where parking is, imagine that, for free. It is the old São João district, next to Avenida Afonso III. For good fortune you can park in front of the Cemetery and from there, you can catch a taxi to your hotel or Airbnb and that is all you will be spending. If you're afraid of ghosts we can go down this avenue, it's rather long, don't worry.

And if you are visiting Belém or preferably doing a Belém Free Walking Tour (and let’s face it, coming to Lisbon and not visiting Belém is not an option), head to Rua Dom Lourenço de Almada, all the streets there are not charged as well.

Our Take Lisboa Local Tip: We trust you have a smartphone. So before coming to Lisbon, download an App called epark. You can charge a minimum of €10.0 via Paypal or Credit Card and use it in in the city of Lisbon. Why is this option better? First of all, you won’t need coins to pay. And if you come back to the car earlier, you can cancel and only pay the time you have used. Unlike the machine that will not give you change. Secondly, imagine you're doing one of our Lisbon Free Tours but you have reached the 2h/4h limit, you can cancel the parking and add extra hours more without needing to go to your car. Third, also very useful, you can check what zone you’re in because the App comes with a map. Imagine you are in a residential street? The App will tell you. There’s no easier way to avoid tickets, believe us.

So now you have it. Grab your car (or rent one) and come to visit Lisbon very soon. Take Lisboa is here to welcome you.

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